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How to Care for your Dancewear


Our dancewear is designed to endure high performance work. With the right care, you can maximise the life of your Sonata garment, while maintaining its high performance properties. Here are some guidelines and tips on caring for your Sonata garment.


Leotard and Skirt

Cold Wash/Hang Dry:

  • Always turn solid colour leotards inside out before you wash your garment.

  • Wash by hand, or on a gentle cycle using a mild detergent.

  • Use warm or cold water.

  • Hang to drip dry, do not use a dryer.

  • Certain fabrics will crease more easily than others. To prevent creases and wrinkles, hang them up right after practicing in them.

  • Some colours may run, so we suggest that you wash your dancewear separately, or with similar colours.

Tutu and Costume

Dry Clean:

  • Dry-cleaning is recommended. Make sure to specify washing instructions at the dry cleaner’s.

Hand Wash/Air Dry:

  • Clean a tutu by washing it in lukewarm water with a small amount of mild detergent and soft scrub brush to preserve the condition of the tutu’s net or tulle. Hand wash in bath tub or a larger area to retain the form of your tutu.

  • If your tutu comes with embellishments, take extra care in washing to keep them in place.

  • Wash coloured bodice and white tutus separately to avoid any colour bleeding.

  • Do not machine wash or use fabric softeners.

  • Dry in shade, as direct sunlight may cause colour fading. Shape your tutu before it dries to prevent wrinkles and loss of form.


  • Reduce the need for washing it by wearing a nude camisole leotard underneath.

  • Some dancers simply don’t wash their tutus. Instead, they spot-clean the areas most affected by sweat and keep the rest fresh with odour-removing sprays.

  • Always air your costume after use, try spray costume inner with antibacterial & odour-removing sprays, and air dry to make them fresher.


  • The best way to carry a tutu is in a proper tutu bag. 

  • Store classical tutus flat or hung by the side. Free-flowing tutus can be stored normally. Keep your tutu clean and prevent embellishments from falling out by storing it in a breathable storage bag.

Dance Shoes

  • Store dance shoes in a cool and dry location. 

  • Don’t keep dance shoes in a plastic bag, as your shoes won’t be able to breathe. 

  • Keep them in a breathable bag to prevent them from turning mouldy and smelly.

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