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Leotards, Biketards, Unitards

To facilitate your search for your ideal leotard fit, here are some insights into our Sonata leotards:

  • We use numbers for children size and alphabets for adult size.

  • If the measurement guidelines given do not fit your personal measurements, always refer to your girth/crotch measurement.

  • A size up from children size 4 is adult size S-M.

  • Children sizes are shorter in torso and wider in width, while adult sizes come with a longer torso and curvier ‘S’ shape.

  • Leotards should always fit snug. This is because a well-fitted leotard will enable the teacher to see the position and movement of the student much more easily. It allows for better correction of posture, arms, hip and leg positions etc.

  • For halter neck or high neck leotards, it is advised to go one size up for comfort in length.

Ripstop Warm Ups

  • Our Ripstop warm ups sizing follows our Leotards sizes.

  • If measurement guidelines do not fit your personal measurements, always refer to your waist measurement.

  • Ripstop warm ups generally fit looser in cut and longer in length, so it is common for one to roll up at the legs or roll down at the waist for shorts and pants.


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