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Pointe shoes perform a remarkable job, enduring tremendous forces and repeated strains, all the while appearing as dainty and delicate as the ballerina herself. Gaynor Minden retains the classic beauty of lustrous pink satin and elegant tapered lines, but with a completely modernized interior to meet the needs of today’s athletic dancers. They are made with expert European hand-craftsmanship, the most up-to-date athletic materials, and first-hand knowledge of ballet.

Gaynor Minden - Europa Pointe Shoes

  • Determine the seven crucial specifications that govern fit: model, length, width, box, shank, vamp, and heel. Please take the time to understand your options. 

    We highly encourage you to visit our showroom or book a virtual advisory session with us to ensure a right purchase.


  • 1) GM shanks and boxes don’t soften.  Any shoe that is too stiff could do the work for you and allow you to cheat.  Be sure you love the pliability of your shoes when they are new because it will not change.

    2) GM satin hardly stretches at all — allow a little extra length (1/4″ pinch at the drawstring casing when en pointe).

    3) If you’re new to Gaynor Minden, or if your current fit could be better, try Gaynor Mindens without toe pads. Starting a fitting without pads allows for a much more supportive fit, and once this is achieved most dancers find they don’t need toe pads in our shoes because the linings are already cushioned.

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