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Dance safely at home with this shock absorbing, slip-resistant vinyl dance mat. The dance mat can be taped down using vinyl tapes if needed.
As seen in: Singapore Dance Theatre studios, and many other dance studios in Singapore.
Thickness: 3.5mm
Size: 1.8m x 1m or 1.8m x 2m
Colour: Grey
1. Non-Toxic and Eco-friendly
The vinyl floor mat uses 100% pure PVC raw materials. The PVC material has been tested and certified for its non-toxic and anti-bacteria attributes, which ensures the safety of the studio space and its users.
2. Best Shock-absorption and Impact-resistant
Advance foaming technology is used to produce a high density foam shock absorption layer in the PVC vinyl floor mats that allows for very strong absorption of shock and impact which greatly reduces injuries to the body.
3. Excellent slip-prevention and wear-resistant
Special treatment coating is used on the surface of the PVC flooring to ensure the high quality wear-resistant feature. This guarantees the best performance use for all types of dance and movements.
4. Excellent Stability
Made using a one-off scrape technique, the 100% pure PVC raw material comprises a hermetic stable layer and fibreglass layer that safeguards the flooring mat to ensure that it is more resistant to damage, thus, allowing it to have a longer lifespan.
5. Anti-bacterial and Fire Retardant Performance
The vinyl floor mats contain elements of anti-bacterial and fire retardant substance that makes it difficult for bacteria and germs to breed on the floor as well as reduce the flammability of fuels due to fire accidents.
6. Easy to Install and Maintain
Installation of the vinyl floor mats have the option to be removable or a fixed installation, which is done either by taping or welding. And due to the material, the cleaning of the vinyl floor mats is easy, which keeps the cost of maintenance low.
For normal daily cleaning, dirt can be clean using a broom or a wet mop. For heavier and deeper cleaning, such as stains, dirt should be remove using a PH neutral cleaner that does not contain ammonia or abrasives.

3.5mm Dance Mat - Grey (Pre-order - Limited quantities)

  • Q: When will the dance mat be delivered?

    A: Expected delivery date for the mat is end September 2023.

    Q: My dance mat is slippery what should I do?

    A: We advise you to clean the dust off the mat with water, and let it dry before use. Dance mat will usually build friction over time. You may use rosin or a little water at the bottom of your shoes for additional friction.

    Q: What dance shoes can be used on the dance mat?

    A: This dance mat is designed for ballet, and you can use both soft and pointe shoes on the mat. You may use rosin or a little water at the bottom of your shoes for additional friction. Alternatively, you may adhere Suede Tips (link here) to the platform of your pointe shoe to provide more friction and grip.

    Q: Do I need to tape down the dance mat?

    A: The 3.5mm Dance Mats are heavier and have a better backing, so they will not slide around as much.

    Q: Is it safe to do jumps on the dance mat?

    A: While the Dance Mat is shock absorbing, it also depends on the ground it is placed on. Usually, dance studios lay the dance mats on sprung flooring so that it is safe for medium to big jumps like grand jete. We would not recommend dancers to practice medium to big jumps with the Dance Mat on normal ground, so as to not injure themselves.

    Q: Do you include installation for your dance mat?

    A: The dance mat we sell are roll out and portable, hence no installation needed. You may tape them down if you like.

    Q: Where can I purchase the tape ?

    A: You can buy vinyl tapes (or electrical vinyl tapes) from hardware stores.

    Q: Is it the same as Harlequin/Marley mat?

    A: The mat surface is similar to a Harlequin/Marley mat. Our 3.5mm mat has a foam backing for additional cushioning, and can be rolled up too.

    Q: My mat lies unevenly. Is that normal?

    A: The unevenness may be due to the mat being rolled up during transportation. Roll out your mat and lay it flat, and it should settle down after a while. If your mat still lies unevenly after a day or two, please contact us again, thank you!

    Q: What size is suitable for home practice?

    A: It depends on the space you have available at home. 1m is enough for home practice, but if you have enough space for a 2m mat, that will be most ideal.

    Q: Can the mats be be rolled up and stored?

    A: Yes they can be rolled up easily to store.


    *Limited quantities available, while stocks last!

    Expected Delivery: End Sept 2023

    updated as of 4th August 2023


    Pre-orders are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. We are here to assist you with the right sizing, we highly encourage you to check our sizing chart or contact us if you have any needs to ensure a right purchase.

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