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A two-part compact and portable barre. Simply connect the 2 parts together, turn the silver knobs to fit the door frame, and twist the wooden barre to tighten and secure it into place. Twist the barre the other way to loosen and remove it after use.


- Recommended for home and travel use.

- Adjustable barre lengths (66-75cm, 76-85cm, 86-94cm)

- Standard circumference of wooden bars: 12.5cm

- 2-part design allows for easy storage and carriage.

- Pleasant feeling with natural wood bars.



Important Safety Information

- Use on a strong door frame or solid wall only. If the barre is pushing out onto a plaster/partition wall, it may damage the wall.

- Gently press down on the barre to check that the barre is secure before starting your practice

- Do not use excessive force to tighten as it may damage the barre/wall. 

- Do not leave the barre unattended

- Do not mount the barre above waist height

- Do not hang or pull on barre

- Do not place your full weight on the barre


Size (Measure the inner door frame to find the appropriate length)

Small: 66cm–75cm

Medium: 76cm–85cm

Large: 86cm–94cm

Door Barre

  • Get a complimentary Barre Hygiene Wrap for extra personal protection. Wrap around your section of the ballet barre during class and wash it at home after use. An easy way to protect yourself from viruses, bacteria and germs. Velcro closure.

    *while stock last

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